What does SOS-free mean?
SOS refers to sugar, oil and salt, the so-called “Evil Trinity”. The suffix “-free” means that I consume a diet that includes no component of the Evil Trinity.

Are you vegan?
Yes, I’ve been vegan since Oct. 15, 2011.

Is a plant-based diet automatically vegan?
Actually not. Plant-based only means that the diet is based on plants. A plant-based diet could still include small quantities of meat, milk or honey. My recipes are always vegan, though.

Which plant-based doctors do you follow? Are you member of a special “camp” (Fuhrman, McDougall, Esselstyn…)?
I don’t actually see myself as a member of a specific camp. I eat a diet that includes a lot of starches, so one could assume that I’m a member of the “McDougall camp”. But I also eat lots of beans and foods that are dense in nutrients, so I could as well be a member of the “Eat to Live”-crew by Fuhrman. I also eat a lot of greens (especially kale!) and that’s so Esselstyn! See what I mean? I just combine the teachings of different plant-based doctors. But the bottom line is always: whole foods plant-based, vegan, SOS-free.



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