Here’s a list of tools which I use nearly everyday in my kitchen and which are perhaps not necessary to achieve awesome culinary results, but which greatly enhance one’s workflow. The following links are Amazon Affiliate links, which means that I receive a small commission when you buy something through that link (without making the product more expensive for you, of course!). This helps me to keep the site going.

Instant Pot electric pressure cooker


This is by far the best investment I ever made (at least in terms of kitchen appliances) and I recommend it to literally everyone. The Instant Pot not only saves time (dry, unsoaked beans cook to fork-tender in as little as 30 minutes!) but also makes cooking so easy: just “set it – forget it”. Once you pushed a few buttons, it does everything else all by itself. No more stirring, scraping, regulating the heat and so forth. The Instant Pot not only saves time but also money, as it is very energy efficient.




Blender: The Vitamix!


The Vitamix is by far the best blender I’m aware of. It makes soups and can actually heat it through friction heat, makes the creamiest ice creams and the best, smoothest sauces (and smoothies if you’re into that 😉 ). Granted, it is very pricey, but it comes with a 7-year warranty, is made in the USA and taking into account how many blenders I burned through, it is actually a good deal.







Sedona Dehydrator:



Dehydrators are really helpful for making your own dried fruits (sugar, oil, salt and sulfite free!), kale chips and raw goodies in general. This specific model has room for up to nine trays, which means you can dry a huge amount of food at the same time.  Downside: it takes a lot of time (hours!) and non-stick sheets are not included.