Here’s a list of books and lectures that I recommend to those who are interested in a plant-based diet. This list is by no means comprehensive and covers only those books and lectures that I’ve actually read and watched.


These books cost between $10 and $16 each. If you’re hesitant to make this investment, scroll down to the lectures which are completely free to watch.

Dr. John McDougall, MD:
The Starch Solution
I recommend this book especially to people who are new to a plant-based diet. McDougall sums up the most important arguments   in favour of a plant-based diet (all scientifically proven!) and even gives you lots of delicious recipes to start right away!
The McDougall Program for Maximum Weight Loss
While one can lose about a pound a week on a plant-based diet, this book focuses on maximum weight loss by eliminating flour products, for example.

Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn:
Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease
Need more reasons to ditch the oil? Famous surgeon Caldwell Esselstyn explains in detail and without “jargon” how exactly oils are destroying our health. Read it, follow his advice and change your life for good!

Dr. T. Colin Campbell:
The China Study
In this groundbreaking work, Dr. Campbell reveals some startling facts about animal foods: not only are they not necessary for human survival, they are actually detrimental to it!
Whole- Rethinking the Science of Nutrition
In this book, Dr. T. Colin Campbell pleads for a return to a more holistic view of nutrition: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Dr. Neal Barnard
Prevent and Reverse Diabetes
Did you know that type II-diabetes is NOT caused by too many “carbs”, but rather by too much fat? This is a book that everyone who either suffers from or knows someone who suffers from this preventable disease ought to read!

Dr. Douglas J. Lisle
The Pleasure Trap
This book helped me to understand why exactly I’m craving different unhealthy foods and how I can resist these cravings.

Chef AJ
AJ’s recipes are some of the best in the world of plant-based eating. Be aware that she wrote the book when she was still using nuts liberally. However, in most cases the nuts can be subbed for cooked white beans or even omitted entirely. 

All of these lectures are completely free to watch on YouTube.

Dr. John McDougall:
The Starch Solution Lecture
Arguably the best and most concise introduction to plant-based eating.
• 8-part lecture series “Fighting the Big Fat Lies with Fad-Free Truth”
A considerably longer lecture series about plant-based eating (takes over six hours to watch, divided into eight segments). Even though it’s already more than ten years old, the underlying scientific discoveries have passed the test of time. Great for those that want to deepen their understanding of the “Starch Solution” lecture above.

Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn:
Make Yourself Heart Attack Proof
This is basically a concise summary of Esselstyn’s book by the author himself. Watch it and you’ll never want to consume free oils again!
Dr. Esselstyn at TEDxCambridge: Making Heart Attacks History
An even more concise summary of his book.

Dr. Neal Barnard:
Breaking The Food Seduction
Dr. Barnard explains why people have a hard time giving up animal products like cheese.

Dr. Douglas J. Lisle:
The Pleasure Trap
Dr. Lisle explains how the “pleasure trap” works and how one can avoid falling prey to the temptations of junk food. Definitely worth watching!
How To Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind
Worth watching for everyone who wants to lose weight or is already well under way.

Chef AJ
• Chef AJ demos “Unprocessed”
Chef AJ demos a few recipes from her splendid book and also talks about the dangers of the “evil trinity”: sugar, oil and salt.
Her YouTube-channel
For those of you who don’t want to buy AJ’s book right away, she’s got some 80 free recipes on her YouTube channel, most in collaboration with Julianne Hever, the “Plant-Based Dietician”.